View the Legacy List of LHA ALUMS


Last Updated: June 3, 2017, 8:53 PM

The Legacy List includes "old school" alums who we have interviewed, and recent hockey personalities are who are no longer actively playing.  Most have played in Lakeville's development program and moved to higher levels of play later in their careers. It is by no means a final list.

Compiling a list of noteworthy LHA alums is a challenging task. From the inception of the program, through its baby steps and first years, all the way up to "the split," and beyond, we are still gathering stats, facts stories and records.

We do know that there is more to come, and welcome your participation and feedback.

This is just a start. The alums here, like all past members from our "Ville of Hockey," deserve some recognition and are always welcome to come back. Eventually, we'd like to post a list of ALL alums who have played post-LHA in college or professional ranks at any level.