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LHA Sponsors to Assist with Mite 3 Jamboree

By Marcus Anderson, 02/20/14, 2:15PM CST


Hosted by Total Hockey & Northern Life Chiropractic

Just like the first Mite Jamboree back in 1977, Lakeville parents and coaches are hoping for a great experience for their players. 

Thirty-seven years ago, the Jamboree was known as the "Snoopy-Woodstock Tournament."  Games were played downtown on outdoor rinks. Only the championship was played indoors, an incentive for Mites to earn their way to the Farmington Civic Arena.

This year's Jamboree will be played entirely indoors, on a hockey rink that used to be the grocery store where parents bought their Mites' post-game treats.

LHA sponsors will assist to make the event memorable. Total Hockey will host the three-day event from February, 28th through March 2nd. Northern Life Chiropractic will be present,  providing valuable information to keep LHA players safe and healthy.

Some highlights of the Jamboree 2014 include:

  • Announcing kids, spotlight –  announcer introducing the starting line-ups, along with a spotlight to give the kids that "big game" feeling. 
  • A Mite Jamboree Program
  • Tee-shirts for each skater. 
  • Snacks and beverages for each player after each game. 
  • Everyone will get a "My Kid Plays Hockey in Lakeville" window sticker, provided by Northern Life Chiropractic
  • Total Hockey will also have summer hockey programs available for  sign up.

Mite 3 Jamboree Schedule 2014

Mite 3 Jamboree Schedule

All games will be held at Total Hockey, MN in downtown Lakeville

Friday February, 28

  • 7:05 P.M. Golden Gophers vs. Maroon Goonies
  • 8:05 P.M. Navy Seals vs. Green Machine

Saturday March 1

  • 1:40 P.M. Navy Seals vs. Golden Gophers
  • 2:50 P.M. Green Machine vs. Maroon Goonies

Sunday March 2 

  • 10:10 A.M. Green Machine vs. Golden Gophers
  • 11:20 A.M. Maroon Goonies vs. Navy Seals

Jamboree '77: Snoopy-Woodstock Tournament

Mites in 1977: "The Snoopy-Woodstocks"

In 1977, the entire Mite program consisted of 6 teams for all developmental levels. The program was run by the Lakeville Athletic Association (LAA) through the city's Parks and Recreation department.

  • The teams included 7-8 year old boys and girls.
  • There were an estimated 73 kids (12-13 players per team) on rosters.
  • The program at this level was intended to be used as a youth's introduction to hockey/learn to skate program.
  • Indoor ice? Forget about it.  Games were very limited, with practice and fundamentals stressed. Virtually all ice time took place outdoors, in all types of weather.
  • Shovels not Zambonis 
  • Relied on local sponsors for standardized uniforms
  • One high school, one varsity team

Mites in 2014:  Generation Now

The Mites in 2014 have it pretty good. Excellent coaches, with high school to pro playing experience, volunteer time to help kids learn the game of hockey and skills as part of LHA.

By comaprison to their predecessors, today there are

  • 16 Mite teams.
  • 273 players, 17.3 per team on average
  • Separate boys and girls (U/8) programs
  • Divided teams by ages and skill levels, under the guidelines of USA Hockey.
  • An additional Mite Prep program with 6 teams (79 players) that serves as the "introduction to hockey."  
  • Most practices and all games are conducted indoors on well maintained ice 
  • Zambonis not Shovels
  • Team jerseys are provided as part of LHA registration fees
  • Two high schools, FOUR varsity teams


1977 Mites

To play indoors, the 1977 Mites had to a earn a trip to the Snoopy-Woodstock (Jamboree) Championship game which was held at Farmington Civic Arena.

2014 Mites

Skating outdoors is a rare treat, occasionally scheduled and conducted in ideal temperatures.