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Welcome to Mite Prep

Glad to see you are interested in getting your player started in hockey, you've come to the right spot. Here is some basic information on the Mite Prep program along with some frequently asked questions.

Mite Prep is geared towards players who are having their first hockey experience. The goal of Mite Prep is to provide a fun experience focused on hockey fundamentals and small area games.

Ages: While most of the players are in kindergarten, there are many that are in first grade and some in pre-K. The basic skills necessary for Mite Prep is the ability to stand on the ice and to be able to get off the ice by themselves. Often players have taken a skating lesson, or done public skate before their first time on the ice.

Ice time: There is a 45-min practice every Sunday, starting at 12:30 or 1:15.

Season: 11/10/19 - 3/1/20 with a Jamboree on the last session.

Coaches: We need as many coaches on the ice as possible to help out these players who are new to hockey. It is a pretty easy commitment as most of the practice plans are available for you. See the Coaches page for how to sign up.

Team communication: You can expect to hear from your coach approximately 2 weeks before the season starts.

Equipment needed: If you have questions, see the New to Hockey page.

Dan Klocke

Mite Prep Director

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